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Download your Match-It-N-Snatch-It Gameboard below and get ready to play!


Listen to Bob 93.3 weekdays at 11:30am, 2:30pm, and 4:30pm! When you hear the cue to call, pick up that phone and dial 800-260-0933!  If you're the 10th caller, you play the game!  To play, just pick two numbers between 1 and 93! 

Each number is associated with a prize. If the prizes behind both squares match, you WIN that prize!  If you pick the Wild Card, you will automatically win the prize behind your second square!

Also, pay close attention...we have multiples of the same prize on the board!  Such as, 2 different gift certificates to The Crate to give away!  In the list below you'll see that the multiples have their own numbers.  Example: "$50 to The Crate #1."  For these, you will need to match up with the other "$50 to The Crate #1" to win the gift card.  This ensures a true match for each individual prize!

We'll play January 30th until all prizes are won, so you have plenty of time to WIN BIG!  Plus, we'll reveal squares throughout the contest on our Facebook page! 

Like us HERE!  Good luck!

Click Here for Official Rules!

2/3/15- Please note that the Maroon 5 Flyaway has been changed to Los Angeles and the West Palm Weekend Flyaway has been changed to Miami.
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